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Convierte una pantalla táctil sin contacto con Intel RealSense TCS (English Only)

Intel RealSense Touch Control Software (TCS) enables a safe, touchless way to interact with today’s touch-based public displays. (Credit: Intel Corporation)                                                          » Click for full image

What’s New: Today, Intel announced Intel® RealSense™ Touchless Control Software (TCS), a simple solution for converting a touch-based kiosk or digital sign into a safer, touchless one while maintaining a familiar and intuitive user experience. With the pandemic affecting people worldwide, pay and check-in stations, automated teller machines and ordering kiosks could use the Intel RealSense software and camera to offer safer, touch-free options.

“Intel RealSense TCS leverages computer vision to seamlessly convert a touch interaction to a touchless one. TCS provides a smooth transition without changing existing user interfaces or writing a single line of code, creating a safer way of interacting with public displays.”
–Sagi Ben Moshe, Intel corporate vice president and general manager of Emerging Growth and Incubation

Why It’s Important: Intel RealSense TCS is a cost-effective solution that easily transforms touch-based interfaces to touchless for safer interactions, without the need to replace existing displays or their core software systems. Banks, malls, restaurant chains, retailers and more rely on interactive displays for business operations and the need for a touchless solution has never been greater.

Intel RealSense Touchless Control Software (TCS), when combined with an Intel RealSense Depth Camera D435, provides a seamless transition from touch to touchless, requiring no change to the core software, user interface or user experience. (Credit: Intel Corporation)                                 » Click for full image

How It Works: When combined with an Intel® RealSense™ Depth Camera D435, TCS provides a seamless conversion from touch to touchless, requiring no change to the core software, user interface or user experience. Designed to be easily incorporated into new and existing systems, TCS runs on top of current software to deliver a safer way to interact with public displays.

TCS supports a variety of kiosks and digital signs, ranging in size from 11 to 32 inches, in both landscape and portrait layouts. The Depth Camera D435 is mounted directly above a screen and enables touchless interaction with public displays, allowing users to interact just as they did before.

For more information on TCS, join the Intel RealSense virtual demo at CES on January 12-13, 2021.

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